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  • Latest News1 min ago

    Ryanair (just) sees off pay revolt over O’Leary’s £90m bonus | Business News

    By James Sillars, business reporter Ryanair has seen off an investor revolt over pay plans that could earn its chief executive Michael O’Leary £90m in bonuses....

  • World4 mins ago

    France’s Macron and Finland’s Rinne deliver Brexit ultimatum

    PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 18: French President Emmanuel Macron (R) welcomes Finland’s Prime Minister Antti Rinne prior their meeting at the Elysee Presidential Palace on September...

  • Politics9 mins ago

    Election 2019 polls tracker: Tories hold strong lead as Lib Dems take out Labour

    TORIES hold a strong lead as the Liberal Democrats take out Labour as the second biggest party, a voting intention poll has revealed. Source link

  • Politics31 mins ago

    Trump’s border visit draws few spectators, for or against his wall

    SAN DIEGO – President Donald Trump’s visit to the border with Mexico here was attended by only a handful of supporters and protesters, some saying a...

  • Latest News33 mins ago

    Pilot caught on high-voltage power line after fighter jet crash

    A pilot is stuck on a high-voltage electricity line in western France after a Belgian fighter jet crashed. Source link

  • World35 mins ago

    OECD cuts growth outlook to post-crisis low

    The trade war between the United States and China has plunged global growth to its lowest levels in a decade, the OECD said on Thursday as...

  • Politics39 mins ago

    John Bercow makes prime ministers’ lives ‘hell’ by breaking precedent, claims Cameron

    DAVID CAMERON has revealed that Commons Speaker John Bercow used to make his “life hell” and was often left baffled by his actions as he made...

  • Politics1 hour ago

    Barr praised 2017 book that claims colleges unfairly went after male students accused of sexual assault

    WASHINGTON — Before being nominated by President Donald Trump to be attorney general, William Barr strongly endorsed a 2017 book accusing colleges and universities of unfairly...

  • Latest News1 hour ago

    School kids suing US government over climate change | US News

    In the beautiful state of Oregon an almighty legal row with international implications is unfolding. That’s because four years ago a group of 21 children and...

  • World1 hour ago

    Netanyahu urges rival Gantz to form unity government

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech to supporters of his Likud party after polls closed in the Israeli parliamentary elections. Ilia Yefimovich | picture...