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  • Latest News8 mins ago

    Pilot caught on high-voltage power line after fighter jet crash

    A pilot is stuck on a high-voltage electricity line in western France after a Belgian fighter jet crashed. Source link

  • Latest News39 mins ago

    School kids suing US government over climate change | US News

    In the beautiful state of Oregon an almighty legal row with international implications is unfolding. That’s because four years ago a group of 21 children and...

  • Latest News1 hour ago

    Trump visits ‘virtually impenetrable’ US-Mexico border wall | US News

    By Emily Mee, news reporter President Donald Trump has visited a newly constructed section of his US-Mexico border wall, describing it as “virtually impenetrable”. He signed...

  • Latest News2 hours ago

    Pregnant woman stabbed to death in bed on beach holiday in South Africa | World News

    By Lucia Binding, news reporter A pregnant woman was stabbed to death in her bed as she slept alongside her husband and toddler son at a...

  • Latest News8 hours ago

    Justin Trudeau sorry for brown-face photo: ‘It was a dumb thing to do’ | World News

    The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has apologised after a photo of him in brown-face make-up at a costume party in 2001 emerged. The picture was...

  • Latest News13 hours ago

    India bans e-cigarettes after warning of vaping ‘epidemic’ | World News

    India has become the latest country to ban e-cigarettes over growing health concerns. The country’s government warned of an “epidemic” in vaping as it followed countries...

  • Latest News13 hours ago

    Hostage negotiator Robert O’Brien is Trump’s new US national security adviser | US News

    Donald Trump has named lead US hostage negotiator Robert O’Brien as his new national security adviser. He is the fourth person in two years to hold...

  • Latest News17 hours ago

    Police raid ‘network of pay-TV pirates’ broadcasting to tens of millions worldwide | World News

    Police have raided a network of suspected pay-TV pirates, seizing equipment and shutting down services being streamed to tens of millions of people. The biggest provider,...

  • Latest News18 hours ago

    Saudi Arabia shows ‘material evidence’ of Iranian involvement in oil attacks | World News

    The Saudis have displayed what they say are cruise missiles and drones proving Iran’s responsibility for the recent attack on oil facilities. The Abqaiq facility and...

  • Latest News20 hours ago

    Australian hiker crawled for two days with leg ‘clean snapped in half’ before rescue | World News

    By David Chipakupaku, news reporter A hiker says he had to “carry” his own broken leg for two days after falling six metres (20ft) down a...