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  • Politics4 mins ago

    Election 2019 polls tracker: Tories hold strong lead as Lib Dems take out Labour

    TORIES hold a strong lead as the Liberal Democrats take out Labour as the second biggest party, a voting intention poll has revealed. Source link

  • Politics26 mins ago

    Trump’s border visit draws few spectators, for or against his wall

    SAN DIEGO – President Donald Trump’s visit to the border with Mexico here was attended by only a handful of supporters and protesters, some saying a...

  • Politics35 mins ago

    John Bercow makes prime ministers’ lives ‘hell’ by breaking precedent, claims Cameron

    DAVID CAMERON has revealed that Commons Speaker John Bercow used to make his “life hell” and was often left baffled by his actions as he made...

  • Politics58 mins ago

    Barr praised 2017 book that claims colleges unfairly went after male students accused of sexual assault

    WASHINGTON — Before being nominated by President Donald Trump to be attorney general, William Barr strongly endorsed a 2017 book accusing colleges and universities of unfairly...

  • Politics1 hour ago

    Trump names Robert O’Brien as new national security adviser

    President Donald Trump on Wednesday named Robert O’Brien, a State Department official who has specialized in hostage issues, as his new national security adviser. “I have...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Brexit court LIVE: Major in 'extraordinary intervention' -ex-PM to blast Boris' betrayal

    JOHN MAJOR will warn today that democracy could be in danger if the government suspension is permitted – despite proroguing Parliament for three weeks himself in...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Jimmy Carter says there should be an 'age limit' on presidency

    Former President Jimmy Carter, who is nearly 95 years old, said that even if he was 80 years old, he doesn’t believe he could “undertake the...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Labour news: What is Clause IV? Why Corbyn & McDonnell want to revive controversial clause

    THE LABOUR PARTY under Jeremy Corbyn has begun the process of reviving the original version of Clause IV, one of the key pillars of the party’s...

  • Politics3 hours ago

    Jimmy Carter says he couldn’t have handled presidency at 80

    ATLANTA — Weeks shy of his 95th birthday, former President Jimmy Carter said he doesn’t believe he could have managed the most powerful office in the...

  • Politics3 hours ago

    Labour prepares to vow ‘nationalisation of EVERYTHING’ to mark death of Blair’s legacy

    LABOUR is considering committing to the nationalisation “of everything”, with the party considering a change to its constitution to support mass public ownership in a “final...