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  • Politics7 mins ago

    Boris Johnson's tax promise to see Britons £500 better off – 'Low tax for working people!'

    BORIS Johnson has promised to hand millions of workers tax cut of nearly £500-a-week if he wins the general election. Source link

  • Politics8 mins ago

    Sondland says all the president’s men focused on Biden probe

    Gordon Sondland flipped on President Donald Trump — and all the president’s men. “We followed the president’s orders,” Sondland told lawmakers Wednesday at the House impeachment...

  • Politics40 mins ago

    Taylor sent cable to Pompeo expressing concern about U.S. security assistance to Ukraine

    Amb. William Taylor says he sent a cable directly to the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to express concern about U.S. security assistance to Ukraine. Taylor...

  • Politics1 hour ago

    Register to vote: How to register to vote – when is the deadline, how do I vote by post?

    VOTERS around the country will have their say about Britain’s political future on December 12. But do you know how to register to vote? Source link

  • Politics1 hour ago

    FBI sought to interview whistleblower at center of impeachment inquiry

    NBC News’ Pete Williams reports that the FBI sought to interview the whistleblower at the center of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Source link

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Britons FURIOUS with Jeremy Corbyn over new attack on pensioners – ‘The man’s a BUFFOON!’

    BRITONS have vented their fury at a plan proposed by Jeremy Corbyn that could see a Labour Party government cripple pensioners with council tax hikes if...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    McCaskill: 'Shut up about the hearsay if you're blocking all the witnesses'

    Fmr. Senator Claire McCaskill tells House Republicans to stop complaining about hearsay testimony if they continue to stonewall the investigation and keep preventing people like Acting...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Election 2019: How to register to vote in the election if you are military personnel?

    IN DECEMBER the UK will take to the polls to vote in the general election. Here is how to register to vote if you are military...

  • Politics2 hours ago

    Pete Buttigieg in the crossfire at MSNBC debate

    ATLANTA — There’s a new front-runner in Iowa as the Democratic presidential candidates meet in head-to-head competition for the first time in more than a month...

  • Politics3 hours ago

    Tory civil war: George Osborne threatens to vote Lib Dem in furious snub to Boris

    GEORGE Osborne risked infuriating Boris Johnson by threatening to vote Lib Dem in the general election. Source link