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  • Politics3 hours ago

    Trump’s 2020 campaign is more traditional but still familiar

    WASHINGTON — Four years and two days after gliding down a golden escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, President Donald Trump will officially kick...

  • Politics4 hours ago

    Polling shows solid growth in support of legal abortion

    Abortion is always a tense issue in American politics, but this spring it has become a major topic of discussion after several states – Alabama, Georgia,...

  • Politics4 hours ago

    Support for beginning impeachment hearings grows among Democrats in new NBC News/WSJ poll

    WASHINGTON — More Democratic voters believe Congress should begin impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump’s conduct while in office, but the country at large remains divided...

  • Politics5 hours ago

    Trump campaign cutting ties with pollsters after internal numbers leaked

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is cutting ties with some of its own pollsters after leaked internal polling showed the president trailing former Vice...

  • Politics5 hours ago

    ‘Accusing the press of treason is dangerous’

    The New York Times called it “dangerous” for President Donald Trump to accuse the paper of a “virtual act of treason” after it published a story...

  • Politics6 hours ago

    Why this Democratic primary is not like all the rest

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — John Delaney has put more time into the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire than any other of the many...

  • Politics6 hours ago

    Brexiteer Kate Hoey attacks Tom Watson’s pro-EU Labour claim, branding it utter ‘nonsense’

    BREXITEER Kate Hoey dismissed Tom Watson’s claims Labour’s ‘values are Remain’ on BBC Newsnight last night. Source link

  • Politics6 hours ago

    With re-election on the line, Trump’s poll numbers are full of warning signs

    WASHINGTON — As he formally kicks off his re-election bid Tuesday in Florida, President Trump faces some grim numbers. His approval rating in the new NBC/Wall...

  • Politics7 hours ago

    Supreme Court sends gay wedding cake dispute back to state courts

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt a partial victory to the owners of an Oregon bakery who were fined for refusing to provide...

  • Politics7 hours ago

    Over 60 House members — including half the Democrats on Judiciary — favor starting Trump impeachment inquiry

    Here are the 66 members of the House of Representatives who favor starting an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. There are 65 Democrats — including...