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  • Politics10 hours ago

    Trump arrives at G-7 summit fixated on trade war

    BIARRITZ, France — President Donald Trump arrived here Saturday for a summit with world leaders fixated on a trade war with China and eyeing another with...

  • Politics10 hours ago

    Brussels terror as Boris warns UK won’t pay EU’s £39 billion Brexit ’divorce bill’

    BORIS JOHNSON is expected to tell EU leaders at the G7 summit today that Britain will only play around a quarter of the so-called Brexit divorce...

  • Politics10 hours ago

    As Trump waffles, some Democrats talk up mandatory gun buybacks, licensing

    WASHINGTON — Rep. Eric Swalwell of California might have left the presidential race, but his signature issue is still on the primary ballot. After the mass...

  • Politics11 hours ago

    Brexit saved? Boris soars in the polls with massive 12 point lead over Corbyn’s Labour

    BORIS JOHNSON’s conservative party has soared to a 12 percent leader over Labour according to a new poll, leaving Jeremy Corbyn’s party trailing behind. Source link

  • Politics11 hours ago

    What would have happened if Obama had been assassinated?

    HANOVER, N.H. – Former Vice President Joe Biden posed a stark hypothetical to voters in New Hampshire Friday as he discussed today’s volatile political climate: What...

  • Politics11 hours ago

    Boris Johnson and Donald Trump set to agree September 'free trade deal' after secret talks

    A HISTORIC trade agreement between Britain and the United States is set to be signed next month, senior US figures have revealed. Source link

  • Politics12 hours ago

    Brexit bombshell: Boris could shut down Parliament to force no deal exit claim emails

    BORIS JOHNSON has sought legal advise from attorney general Geoffrey Cox on whether or not he can shut down Parliament for five weeks from September 9...

  • Politics13 hours ago

    Boris Johnson hilariously pointing at Macron compared to ‘wooden’ Theresa May

    A HILARIOUS photo of Boris Johnson pointing at a laughing French President Emmanuel Macron while arriving at a G7 dinner has been compared with Theresa May’s...

  • Politics15 hours ago

    'Brussels don’t get it!' David Davis reveals EU leaders still believe Brexit won’t happen

    BRUSSELS still does not believe Brexit will happen, former Brexit Secretary David Davis has revealed in a dramatic interview. Source link

  • Politics15 hours ago

    David Davis mocks 'unhappy' Macron for meddling in Brexit negotiations with the EU

    FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron is angry with Britain because Brexit is “raining on his parade” and drawing further attention to the crumbling economy in Paris, Yellow...