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  • Politics16 hours ago

    David Davis mocks 'unhappy' Macron for meddling in Brexit negotiations with the EU

    FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron is angry with Britain because Brexit is “raining on his parade” and drawing further attention to the crumbling economy in Paris, Yellow...

  • Politics16 hours ago

    EU curbs facial recognition technology over Europe-wide privacy fears – ‘significant risk’

    BRUSSELS is forcing through restrictions to curb brand-new facial recognition technology amid fears its use could end up threatening the rights of citizens. Source link

  • Politics17 hours ago

    David Davis warns Remainers will move to block Brexit with seconds left on October 31

    BREXITEER David Davis warned colluding MPs desperate to block Brexit will stop at nothing and attempts from pro-EU parties such as the Lib Dems, Labour and...

  • Politics18 hours ago

    G7 warning: Tusk says summit will be ‘test of unity’ – then savages Boris, Trump and China

    THE G7 summit will be a “difficult test of unity and solidarity”, the European Council President has warned, as he reminded the global community that leaders...

  • Politics19 hours ago

    Carrie Symonds: Why Boris Johnson’s girlfriend is the first lady of ethical fashion

    AS Boris’s girlfriend leads the way, can the green lobby tempt the rest of us with eco style? Source link

  • Politics19 hours ago

    Boris Johnson ordered to call Corbyn's bluff and hold election NOW – Express poll results

    BORIS JOHNSON should call Jeremy Corbyn’s bluff and hold a snap general election, readers say. Source link

  • Politics20 hours ago

    Remainers hope British people will 'starve and die' so UK will return to the EU

    REMAINERS hope the British people will starve, die of illness or get murdered by the IRA post-Brexit so the nation can crawl back on its knees...

  • Politics20 hours ago

    Coal workers fight for benefits as industry struggles under Trump

    WASHINGTON — Dozens of retired miners, some in wheelchairs and using oxygen tanks to manage black lung disease, recently visited the Capitol seeking federal help for...

  • Politics21 hours ago

    David Koch stepping down from business and political network

    WASHINGTON — Billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist and conservative activist David Koch is stepping down from his official capacities with the Koch organization due to declining health, leaving...

  • Politics21 hours ago

    ‘If Trump were an airline pilot’ by James Fallows

    James Fallows examines the likely reaction if other industry leaders behaved the way Trump does. Fallows says a pilot would be pulled from the cockpit and...