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  • World23 hours ago

    Bank of America sees oil gains in 2019 forecast

    U.S. based Capital Economics, meanwhile, sees an average of $63 a barrel over the course of 2019. But some remain bullish yet — Japan’s MUFG views...

  • World23 hours ago

    Macron’s multi-billion giveaways could cost France dearly

    Italy is likely to watch the European Commission’s response to France very closely given that it is in an ongoing dispute with the EU’s executive body...

  • World24 hours ago

    No Messi for Miami as Barcelona FC cancel US league soccer fixture

    JOSEP LAGO | AFP | Getty Images Girona’s defender Juanpe Ramirez (L) vies with Barcelona’s forward from Argentina Lionel Messi during the Spanish league football match...

  • World1 day ago

    UK PM Theresa May goes to Brussels for more EU Brexit talks

    Prime Minister Theresa May has embarked on another European tour to seek more flexibility from the continent’s leaders over her draft Brexit deal On Tuesday, May...

  • World1 day ago

    What is the Irish backstop and why does it matter?

    The backstop plan is essentially a legally-binding insurance policy to ensure there is no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland whatever the...

  • World1 day ago

    UK announces $126 million of funding for renewable energy in Africa 

    The U.K. government has announced £100 million ($126.11 million) of extra funding for renewable energy projects in Africa. The money will be used to support the...

  • World1 day ago

    Nov car sales fall 14 percent, biggest drop since 2012

    China’s automobile sales fell 13.9 percent in November from a year earlier, the country’s top auto industry association said on Tuesday, marking the steepest such drop...

  • World1 day ago

    Now that the Brexit vote is delayed, what could happen next?

    Now that the U.K.'s vote on Brexit deal has been delayed, the unwieldy Brexit process is looking as unpredictable and chaotic as ever. Source link

  • World1 day ago

    Uber reportedly wants to offer London bus and Tube data in its app

    Uber is seeking to partner with London’s transport authority to incorporate Tube and bus timetables into its app, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday. Citing un-named...

  • World1 day ago

    State Department says Senate vote sends ‘wrong message’

    But the resolution isn’t likely to change U.S. military policy in the region and its partnership with Saudi Arabia, according to Jack Watling, research fellow for...